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DAQ Series - Data Acquisition Products

DAQ9000™ Data Acquisition System

Product Information

DAQ9000 is a comprehensive and highly configurable multi-function, multi-protocol, data acquisition / recorder system and data concentrator for use as a flight data acquisition unit (FDAU) or instrumentation data acquisition system.

A wide range of characterisation modules can be installed to provide the functionality desired, for digital and analogue input or output. Inputs are outputs are highly configurable by customers to allow the use of common hardware across a range of applications. more

DAQAHRS™ GPS/Inertial Sensor Module

Product Information

DAQAHRS is a high performance Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS), Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and Global Positioning System (GPS) providing position and inertial navigation information with 10 degrees of freedom.

DAQAHRS provides calibrated sensor data and a drift free orientation solution using an Extended Kalman Filter.

DAQAHRS GPS/Inertial Sensor Module integrates all the sensors needed to achieve full position and motion sensing of any platform for data recording or position indication applications. The fused data as well as the individual sensor data are available directly. more

DAQPOWER™ Dual Output Power Supply Module

Product Overview

DAQPOWER is a +28V DC powered, airborne power converter module, providing a regulated high power DC primary output and a regulated low power DC auxiliary output.

DAQPOWER has an opto-isolated shut down discrete input and an opto-isolated primary status output.

The DAQPOWER module is indented for us as supplementary power supply to accompany the DAQ9000 series product, providing a DC power source for telemetry units, data recorders, sensors and transducers. more