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AP & IP Series - Protocol Converter Modules


Airborne Modules

We have an extensive range of airborne protocol converter modules and avionics interface adapters which convert data between digital and legacy systems, and aerospace and non-aerospace standards.

These products are offered in a number of product architectures to suit your application, accommodating differing size, cost and certification requirements and are provided with full or partial environmental qualification and documentation to support certification, as required.

We also have a number of sensor products including a compact high performance GPS inertial sensor module.

These generic modules, which contain hardware and firmware assemblies entirely of our own design, have been configured and supplied to provide a variety of applications including conversions between the following formats:

In addition, we have also supplied Autopilot Logic Interfaces, Multi-Protocol Airborne Data Processor Module, Frequency Input to Analogue Output conversion (fuel flow), Automated Voice Advisory Devices (AVAD) and 8W, 15W, 100W and 150W Power Supply Modules.

These modules are currently flying on both fixed and rotary wing applications, on the following typical aircraft types:

BAE-146, Dassault Falcon 20, Dornier 228, Eurocopter EC135, Eurocopter EC145, Eurocopter AS365-N3 Dauphin, Reims F-406, HS-125, Sikorsky S-92.

AP Series Products

IP Series

Suitable for the most demanding applications, the AP series incorporate filtered military circular MIL-C-38999 connectors for electrical connection and EMI compatibility, with very rugged machined from solid mechanical enclosures.

The mechanical design incorporates combined moisture and EMI gaskets to all openings (lid and electrical connector), aerospace qualified and controlled fine texture powder coated paint finish with dedicated Alocrom 1200 conversion coated bonding areas to provide protection against corrosion and a good bonding surface for connection to aircraft chassis.

All circuit cards are conformally coated to ensure the best possible reliability and long term performance.

These features ensure the AP series meet the best environmental performance and highest qualification levels.

IP Series Products

IP Series

To provide a more economical product where lower environmental qualification levels can be accepted, the IP series is the ideal product.

Often utilising the same electronic design and configuration as the AP series, the IP series are repackaged in our smaller, lighter Gold Box footprint, with an industrial D-type connector, which still incorporates filtering to provide EMI protection.

The mechanical enclosure is still machined from solid aluminium to ensure mechanical robustness. In addition to providing a secure and stable mounting for the internal assemblies the tight machining tolerances achieved on the enclosure give a close fitting lid to reduce the ingress of dust and moisture and also reduce EMI.

The Gold Box finish is an Alocrom 1200 conversion coating. As for the AP series, all circuit cards are conformally coated.

Product List - Airborne Interface Adaptors

Product NameProduct DescriptionRevisionLink
AP9112Barometric Potentionmeter Switching Unitlink icon
AP9113ARINC-429 to USB Converter Module1link icon
AP9114ARINC-429 to Encoded Altitude Converter Modulelink icon
AP9115CDSR Autopilot Interface Modulelink icon
AP9116Automated Voice Alerting Device (AVAD)4link icon
AP9117PED Power Supply Module2link icon
AP9119Discrete Interface Modulelink icon
AP9120ARINC-429 <-> MIL-STD-1553B Converter Module7link icon
AP9121CDSR Fuel Flow Interface Modulelink icon
AP9125Laptop Power Supply Modulelink icon
AP9130ARINC-429 Data Rate Converter Modulelink icon
AP9131MIL-STD-1553B to RS-232 Converter Modulelink icon
AP9132Airborne Data Processor Modulelink icon
AP9135GPS / Intertial Sensor Modulelink icon
IP5010ARINC-429 to NMEA-0183 Converter Module1link icon
IP5011ARINC-429 to RS-232 Converter Module1link icon
IP5012ARINC-429 to Analog Converter Modulelink icon
IP5013ARINC-429 to Discrete Converter Modulelink icon
IP5014ARINC-429 to CAN 2.0B Converter Module1link icon
IP50158W Single / Dual Output Power Supply Module 1link icon
IP5016ARINC-429 Buffer Module (1 to 4 Channel)1link icon
IP5017ARINC-407 to ARINC-429 Converter Module2link icon
IP5018MIL-STD-1553B to NMEA-0183 Converter Module1link icon
IP5019NMEA-0183 to ARINC-429 Converter ModuleE1link icon
AP9120-MK12ARINC-429 <-> NMEA-0183 Converter Module7link icon

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