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ARINC-429 to Encoded Altitude Module (AP9114)

Product Overview

The AP9114 ARINC-429 To Encoded Altitude Module, is a 28VDC powered ruggedised protocol converter module, comprising of 2 ARINC-429 input channels, 2 discrete speed selection inputs an 11 bit Encoded Altitude output and a discrete status output.

The AP9114 module, receives Pressure Altitude information from the
ARINC-429 bus and re-formats the data into a parallel word compliant with the ARINC-575 Altitude Encoder specification.

The AP9114 module provides dual redundant opto-isolated ARINC-429 receivers, in the event the primary channel fails, data becomes invalid, or is not received within a specified period, the AP9114 reverts to the secondary input channel.

Each ARINC-429 input channel has a corresponding 12.5KHz / 100KHz speed discrete such that the bit rate for each channel can be selected independantly.

Product Features

Parameter Mapping

As standard the AP9114 module uses the follwing ARINC-429 parameters and settings to build the Encoded Altitude output sentence word, however other word formats / labels can be easily accomodated.

The AP9114 electrical interface is fully specified in Nginuity Interface Control Document AP9114-ICD which is available from our downloads page (login required).