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DAQPOWER™ Dual Output Power Supply Module

Product Overview

DAQPOWER is a +28V DC powered, airborne power converter module, providing a regulated high power DC primary output and a regulated low power DC auxiliary output.

DAQPOWER has an opto-isolated shut down discrete input and an opto-isolated primary status output.

The DAQPOWER module is indented for us as supplementary power supply to accompany the DAQ9000 series product, providing a DC power source for telemetry units, data recorders, sensors and transducers. more

AP9125 - Laptop Power Supply Module

Product Overview

The AP9125 Laptop Power Supply Module is a 28VDC powered voltage
converter unit developed to provide a low voltage high power regulated power supply for ruggedised laptop PC's in an airborne environment.

Typical applications include moving map, search and rescue the Metropolitan Police (ANPR) system.

The AP9125 is available in a number of configuraitons including 12V, 15V, 19V and 24V output with the option of 50W, 75W or 100W power rating.

The AP9125 can also accomodate custom output voltages in the range 12V to
24V in 0.1V increments more