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ARINC-429 to RS-232 Converter Module (IP5011)

Product Overview

The IP5011 ARINC-429 TO RS-232 Converter Module, is a 28VDC powered ruggedised protocol converter module, comprising of 1 ARINC-429 input channel and 1 RS-232 output channel.

The IP5011 can acquire data parameters from a single ARINC-429 source, process and re-format the data and output on an RS-232 interface for use with either our Bus Inspector Pro software application or bespoke 3rd party application software.

The IP5011 ARINC-429 input channel can be configured for High speed (100KHz) or Low speed (12.5KHz) operation, and the resulting output data rate can be be configured for either 4800, 9600, 19200 or 115200 baud operation.

The IP5011 also has the option for either an RS-422 or USB interface as an alternative to RS-232.

The USB interface option is implemented as a virtual communications port, whereby the IP5011 module appears as a standard COM port under Microsoft Windows and Linux.

The IP5011 implements a simple binary communications protocol, allowing both a polled mode (one label at a time) or full bandwidth acquisition mode (115200 baud rate only) of operation, which may be accessed directly by a 3rd party application or by using our API / LabWindows / LabView driver libraries.

The IP5011 may also be configured for other output protocols, both binary and ASCII, to suit your applicaiton.

The IP5011 interface type (RS-232/RS-422/USB), baud rate and output protocol should be specified at time of order placement.

Product Features

Parameter Filtering

The IP5011 module also provides a label / SDI filter function, such that in situations of high bus traffic, unwanted parameters may be filtered out at the hardware level, thus dramatically reducing the overhead of the 3rd party software application.


The IP5011 module is supplied with our Bus Inspector Pro application software package, device drivers and Windows API / LabWindows / LabView driver libraries.

Electrical Interface

The IP5011 electrical interface is fully specified in Nginuity Interface Control Document IP5011-ICD which is available from our downloads page (login required).