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Automated Voice Alerting Device (AP9116)

Product Overview

The AP9116 Automated Voice Alerting Device (AVAD) is a 28V powered audio
module storing up to 8 user definable messages or tones.

The AP9116 module consists of ten discrete inputs, an ARINC-429 input, two audio outputs a discrete status output and an RS-232 maintenance interface.

The AP9116 module can be programmed either by the manufacturer or the integrator to contain up to eight messages or tones the output of which can then be sequenced in terms of message priority, number of repeats and ground or air mode.

At times of high audio traffic the current message can be muted by the pilot. Each discrete input may be individually configured for either active Hi or active Lo operation.

Up to eight user definable messages or tones can be stored simultaneously.

We have a comprehensive database of standard messages, however "special to type" messages can be recorded and loaded if required.

Product Features


The following messages are available as standard.

Parameter Mapping

The AP9116 provides a seperate discrete input for each message as standard, however more complex logical operations can be accomodated if required.

The AP9116 electrical interface is fully specified in Nginuity Interface Control Document AP9116-ICD which is available from our downloads page (login required).


The AP9116 is supported by Nginuity's "Product Configurator" software application, available from our downloads page (login required).