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GPS/Inertial Sensor Module (AP9135)

Product Overview

A compact high performance position and motion sensor module providing
10 degrees of freedom data and acquisition of aerospace data bus information. An ideal sensor module and serial interface addition to many recorders and systems requiring position awareness.

The AP9135 GPS/Inertial Sensor Module integrates all the sensors
needed to achieve full position and motion sensing of any platform
for data recorders or position indication applications.

The individual sensor data as well as the fused data is available directly
on the Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface when connected to a host computer. Providing USB power to the system will instigate data recording
to the internal memory card for later extraction and replay.

The data is recorded in accordance with the current configuration settings.

The AP9135 board is available for OEM integration in your own product or is available packaged in a ruggedized enclosure, suitable for military or aerospace applications.

Product Features

GPS Receiver





The AP9135 products are provided with our data analysis and replay software including conversion of raw data into engineering units and the export of time stamped data to a spreadsheet or database for further analysis. Software libraries and drivers are available for Windows API, LabView and CVI, to allow integration in your software applications.

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