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ARINC-429 TO NMEA-0183 Converter Module (AP9120-MK12)

Product Overview

The AP9120-MK12 ARINC-429 TO NMEA-0183 Converter Module is a +28V DC powered ruggedised protocol converter module.

The AP9120-MK12 provides 4 channels of ARINC-429 input, 2 RS-232 input / output channels, 4 discrete inputs, a status output and an auxiliary +12V DC output.

The AP9120-MK12 provides an NMEA-0183 output stream containing the GGA and RMC sentences, assembled from parameters received on the ARINC- 429 interfaces.

SDRL A002 - Item Specifications

SDRL A004 - Procurement Specifications, LRU Drawings

SDRL A006 - Interface Data

SDRL A011 - Installation Requirements, Drawings and Procedures

SDRL A030 - Environmental Test Plan

SDRL A033 - Recommended Hardware Test Parameters

SDRL A034 - Acceptance Test Report

SDRL A043 - Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA)

SDRL A057 - Program Plan

SDRL A059 - Integrated Master Schedule (IMS)

SDRL A093 - Bill of Material List

SDRL A095 - Qualification by Analysis

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