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Industrial Products

We design and manufacture a number of industrial products including precision pressure control equipment for an engine pressure calibrator and these incorporate the following interfaces:

We have recently introduced a precision digital pressure module to our product range featuring excellent accuracy and stability, features include:

We have also designed a number ofcustom industrial interface cards for a variety of specialist applicaitons.

The list below is by no means exhaustive, so if you have a specific requirement please contact us, as we make already have a solution!

Product List - Pressure Measurement & Control

Product NameProduct DescriptionRevisionLink
DPM7010Digital Pressure Modulelink icon
P700012 Channel 2 Pole Multiplexer Boardlink icon
CP7021ARINC-429 / Encoded Altitude / Analogue Buffer Boardlink icon
CP7018RS-485 / ETHERNET to / GPIB / USB Converter Modulelink icon

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