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Design Services & Capabilities


Listed below is a brief summary of our company capabilities and services.

If you have a specific design requirement in mind, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss our full capability with you in more detail.

Hardware Design

ATE Systems utilising PXI, Compact PCI, VXI & VME architectures

We provide a complete ATE system design, test, integration and maintenance service, utilising the latest COTS architectures.

Typical test systems include, Engine Controllers, Industrial Sensors, Air Data Computers and Flight Recorders.

Although COTS cards and adapters address the majority of requirements, we often encounter complex bespoke interfaces for which we design custom solutions.

In general our ATE systems are controlled by a central PC, however for timing critical functions we utilise our in house designed 'Controller Core' modules for real time process control.

We design and manufacture all interconnection chassis trays and looms, and offer 'Intellegent' UUT looms, allowing you to track usage, calibration and fault logging.

Interface Support

Embedded System design for the following architectures:

Typical data processing module

The following images show a typical data processing module providing the following features

Typical power supply module architechure

The following images show our in-house designed +28V DO-160 compliant 100W power supply module.
This module is available with a +12V or +19V output.
The module also provides an opto-isolated shutdown input and status output.

We also have other lower power modules within the family providing +/-15V, 5V, 3.3V and 2.5V rails.

Software Design

Support Applications

In addition to specific customer requirements, we also provide support software for our own in-house developed products.

Products include our Bus Inspector ARINC and MIL-STD-1553 bus analyser software, Metrocal calibration suite, airborne data loader utilities and moving map situational awareness display software (SADS).

Embedded Design

All our software is written in ANSI C, and our software engineering team are well conversant in airborne software structure and test techniques at all levels up to and including DO178B level A (flight safety critical).

In general our software is developed in accordance with the requirements of DO-178B Level D, but other stanadards can be accomodated if required.

Development Tools

We generally use the following tools for product development, but other tools and languages can be accomodated if required.

Mechanical Design

General Overview

Our airborne products utilise in-house designed enclosures. These are manufactured from Aluminium Alloy
6082-T6 and are water, dust, and fungus resistant to comply with the requirements of RTCA DO-160.

We currently offer five different enclosure types ranging from our compact 80x50x20mm Signal Conditioning Module to our 190x150x50mm Airborne Data Processor Module.

We hope this range of enclosures will accomodate most applications, but we are always happy to discuss bespoke requirements.

Design for Electromagnetic Compatibility

Our products are designed to comply with harsh environmental requirements, the following images show typical design features included for EMC compliance.

Rapid Prototyping, Production Engineering & Volume Manufacture

General Overview

We work in partnership with Hightown Engineering Ltd. a local CAD/CAM design and CNC Manufacture company who specialise in sub-contract Design & Manufacture of all things Mechanical.

This working relationship enables us to produce quick time to market bespoke solutions to meet your exacting requirements & space envelope.

Hightown Engineering Ltd. have an impressive CNC plant list allowing us to rapidly turn an imaginative idea into a cost effective reality.

Development Tools

We utilise the latest in 2D and 3D mechanical design tools, including the following products:

We are able to provide 3D conceptual models early on in the design phase allowing systems integrators to visulaise multiple solutiuons and select the design best suited to their application.

Environmental Qualification

General Overview

We typically provide environmental qualification to DO-160D/E/F, but qualifications to other standards can also be accomodated.

Test catagories include the following:

For flight trial and concept demonstrator units, we are able to offer a safety of flight release, which includes the following catagories: